Old Fire Station Piano Gallery

Old Fire Station Piano Gallery
Hand Made Humidifiers

Pianos built circa 1900 were never designed for modern central heating. The ‘Pin Block’ (the part where the wrest pins are, the tuning section) were made of a solid plank of quarter sawn beech dried down to 30% moisture content and has a tendency to dry out making the piano unstable in tuning.

More recent instruments have a laminated wrest plank made up of 17 laminations of wood dried down to 4% moisture content. These tend not to have the same problems as the turn of the century instruments.

Our humidifier is designed to redress the balance and put moisture back into the wrest plank tightening the wrest pins and improving the tuning stability, making the necessity to have your piano tuned less often. It is ideally suited to upright pianos but can also be set on the floor just behind the pedals on a grand.

These individually hand made humidifiers cost £80 per unit.

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